Welcome to Ichiran! At Ichiran we don’t diversify our menu, but concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen. Our mission is to deepen the flavor of every bowl, each one of them involving the work of over 40 specialists. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. That is why we only use the highest-in-quality products for the elaboration of our ramen. Our professionals are masters of the complicated techniques involved in ramen making, and they always pursue a higher level of exquisiteness for our customers.

Our everyday is a quest for new ideas, a thorough search for new ways of bringing more delight to the palate of our customers. When you come to Japan, ramen is one of the mandatory dish that you should try. That’s why this time we would like to introduce you with Ichiran Ramen, one of the most popular tonkotsu ramen noodle chain in Japan.Ichiran Ramen focus only on one type of ramen that is Tonkotsu Ramen, a classic pork-based broth that has been boiled for hours using two kinds of cooking method resulting a rich delicious broth without any ‘heavy’ smell in it. When it comes to customizing ramen, you can customize almost every elements of the ramen here at Ichiran starting from flavor strengh, soup richness, garlic, green onion, sliced pork, Ichiran’s original red sauce level to noodle texture so you can have your ramen just the way you like either it’s super thick or light with firm or soft noodle texture.Overall tonkotsu ramen at Ichiran taste is amazing, it’s incredibly rich and exceptional. AnakJajan immediately fell in love with it the moment we take a sip, we were hooked and couldn’t stop eating it until the last sip. If you are a fan of ramen especially tonkotsu ramen, we guarantee you will totally in love with Ichiran ramen.

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